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What is Everyday Carry? If you goggle EDC or everyday carry you will find that- It’s a thing. One writer said it has become an internet sub culture where people do “pocket Dumps” take a picture and share with the world wide web what kind of gear they carry. You will see pictures of gear that makes life better, more efficient, and items that prepare their users for most things that come their way. This includes items like watches, pens, knives, wallets, multitools, key chains all the way to handguns and holsters and on the show we have three fascinating  business owners.Vince Vasquez Managing Member of C2 tactical gun ranges, and guns stores. We also have Anthony Turchetta of Penchetta Pen and Knife Shop.

And Lisa Riley of Link Business Phoenix talking about Specialty Retailing..

About The Show


Anthony Turchetta

Owner of Penchetta Pen & Knife located in the Scottsdale Promenade shopping center for the past 8 years.  He’s been in the fine writing business for the past 20 years. Over time they have added cutlery , wet shaving products and competition airguns to the store making it a complete guy store experience.


Vincent Vasquez

Managing Member C2 Tactical Vince moved  to the valley in 1977. He graduated from ASU in 1998, received his Masters in Business in 2006. And has worked for great companies which includes and Edward Jones. All before starting to work at a local gun range an store. Eventually Vince teamed up with partners and purchased Caswells Gun Range. He then sold Caswells and opened C2 Tactical in Tempe in 2013. He then went on to open a second location in Scottsdale in 2018.


Lisa Riley

Owner and designated broker of Link Business Phoenix

President of the AZ Business broker Association and board member of International Business Brokers Association

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