From Bartering to Bullion

From Bartering to Bullion, why the old ways are new again

Today's Show is about the ancient roots and  modern use of bartering, and precious metals in our everyday lives and businesses. We will also explore how technology is changing these ancient trade systems, and creating new opportunities for alternative currencies to impact our economy.

About Us


Kathleen Scarcelli Blair

Kathleen has an extensive background in sales ranging from copiers with Xerox, computers with Honeywell. She ran with her a custom home business for 15 years. She’s been a business sales trainer, writer and a 20 year veteran in the barter exchange industry, saving thousands of cash dollars each year.  Currently she’s the Director of Sales and Marketing with Tradesource, a 32 year old barter company.


Sam Bunyard

Precious Metals Advisor for First National Bullion and Coin

Began his career as a licensed Commodity Broker back in 1998. Started trading Gold  at $253 dollars per .oz. Started trading silver at $5 dollars per .oz Sam has had experience in trading precious metals through several economic crises. He has Managed and traded hundreds of millions of dollars in precious metals over the past 20 years. Traded Forex and the Commodities including Crude Oil.Active in Crypto currency trading for gold and silver. Assisted 100's of clients with precious metals IRA and 401K roll overs.


Lisa Riley

Owner and designated broker of Link Business Phoenix

President of the AZ Business broker Association and board member of International Business Brokers Association

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