Artificial intellegence

Did you know that in 1962 the Jetsons predicted, flatscreen TVs, drones, smart watches, and Artificial Intelligence? We discuss this and all things Artificial Intelligence on this weeks Bryan2Business Talk Radio. My guests will include Neal Meinke, CEO of Artificial Savant, and Ryan Wilson CEO of Green Fields Solutions, Inc. we also have as our special guest Betsy LaVoie Executive Director of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce.

About the show


Neal Meinke

CEO of Artificial Savant and Business Partner of IBM. Neal specializes in writing strategy in artificial intelligence and machine learning for small and mid-sized companies. Categories include, but not limited to, conversational AI, visual recognition, smart surveillance, and advanced analytics. He leverages cognitive computing power from brands like IBM Watson and highly skilled mathematicians to take unstructured data and derive automation, insights, patterns, and trends that were otherwise invisible to our existing intuition.  


Ryan Wilson

Chief Executive Officer at Green Fields Solutions, Inc

I have over 15 years of experience as an Entrepreneur and self- starter. During the past several years my main focus has been on web applications and digital media and creating business-class solutions that enhance processes for companies in many industries. Utilizing hard data and statistics, I am able to analyze a business' strengths and weaknesses to form and implement a plan for reform.

My ability to think on my feet allows me to solve many of the problems that exist in business. I take great pride and ownership over whatever project I am working on and make it my own.


Betsy LaVoie

Executive Director of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce. Betsy has been an Arizona resident since 1978, ASU graduate, mother of 2 kids.

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