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Do you want more leads that lead to real business. 

Are you overwhelmed by all the new technology and don’t even know where to start? Are you tired of throwing money away with Marketing that simply does not work? On today’s show we are going to help. We have guests that are top in their fields, and they are going to help you to understand where to start and what to do to bring in more leads, and more business.

About the show


Yakov Smart

Yakov Smart is the author of the book Disrupting LinkedIn 

Founder and President of Linked Lead Enterprises, a consulting firm known for giving business owners and organizations a new way of attracting dream clients using LinkedIn. 

Yakov is Internationally-Recognized as a leading authority on LinkedIn marketing and has appeared as a guest on numerous media outlets.


Charles Kim & David Hawash

Co-Owner and COO, of Executive Digital, has operated digital fulfillment teams for over 10 years for Fortune 500 Corps. After witnessing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to digital marketing companies, Executive Digital was created to bring transparency and quality results to business owners across the globe. 

David Hawash is the VP of Business Development for Executive Digital ( Western Region).


Erika Feinberg

Erika Feinberg is an Interactive Public Speaker, Growth Strategy Thought Leader and #1 Top-Selling Author of Purpose, Passion & Profit Erika is also 

President, RevuKangaroo Reputation Management SaaS Multi-Channel, Human Dynamics & Market Strategy Expert.

Erika has been CEO of three small businesses and grew all three into multi-million, market-leading & nationally loved brands in the software and medical products markets.

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